New Orleans

NOLA249It was a short trip but proved to be an amazing food town. New Orleans is known for so many dishes that I could not try them all in my couple days visiting. I was just able to skim the surface with a Muffuletta from Central Grocery and Beignet from Cafe Du Monde. I was traveling for work so I was with a group and we had some dinners out in the French Quarter. While out I was able to order a blackened catfish po boy from Oceana Grill that was amazing! The decor in the restaurant was so fun and colorful. The first day I was there was really the only day I had time to walk around. The streets through the French Quarter reminded me of the houses I’ve seen in Bermuda. If you continue walking past the bars and storefronts you enter the more residential area where the houses are bright colors with so much charm. The balconies are decorated with large hanging plants. The houses have real shutters and the colors like I mentioned are vibrant. One thing I needed to get used to was the amount of humidity. New Orleans is practically under sea level so the weather could be bright, hot, and sunny then a rain storm may roll through. Either way I hope to be back soon because there are a ton of things I did not get to try or see.

LINK New Orleans Official Guide:


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