Difference Between Dairy and Beef Cows


If you don’t go to farms on a regular basis would you even know there’s a difference between dairy cows and beef cows? Yea that’s right there’s more than one type of cow! If you ask anyone what a cow looks like they would probably say black and white, a cow that can produce milk. That is one type of cow, specifically a type of dairy cow. Some specific types of dairy cows are Holsteins, Jersey, and Guernsey. They could look black and white like an oreo, brown, and white. Beef cows can be brown or black as well so if you were to compare a beef cow and a dairy cow you would see dairy cows are larger and usually taller. Beef cows tend to be stockier and shorter. Some specific types of beef cattle are angus bull, hereford bull , and shorthorn bull.



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