Mole Paste For Your Tacos

Mole Paste; Mexico’s Most Beloved Dish. The true mole paste has a rich chocolate flavor where the other known sauces carry a Puebla or Oaxaca taste. There are a few tales where Mole Poblano had originated one being from Puebla, Mexico 16th Century. Whatever you may believe making moles are very time consuming and require many ingredients to get that final sauce. Some moles can have as many as 30 ingredients, or 10 different varieties of chilies. Luckily there are several pre made mole pastes you can buy at the local store that work perfectly for your next Taco Tuesday or Cinco De Mayo!

If you want to forgo making it from scratch here are some noteworthy mole pastes to try.

Juquilita Black Mole Oaxaqueno
Dona Lucia Mole Negro
Cremeria La Ordena Mole Negro

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